Fairlight Lodge Hotel has a wonderful and rich history dating back to 1720

    A brief history


    Built in 1720 Fairlight Lodge has operated as a hotel, guest house and bed & breakfast providing accommodation since 1932 and was extended to its present size over many years.

    The owners, The Boulter Family, moved to Hastings From Walsall to take over Fairlight Lodge in April 2000 after having careers in the Hotel and Catering Industry, Youth and Community work and the Building Trade.

    Fairlight lodge or the lantern house was built in the 1720s by a French Count who came across to England to escape the revelation. Nicknamed the latern house because of its shape the house bore witness to many a night of smuggling . With house reported to have a secret tunnel and the two secret rooms in the house its not hard to believe that the count was involved with the smuggling .The house latter became a Drs house and his Daughter married into the Martineau Family a very respected and influencial family of the time . In time the house has been a dame school, housed the officers in both world wars and then became a country club before becoming a hotel .With such a past you would expect there to be many ghosts at Fairlight Lodge Hotel. However all seems quiet inside in the house but the same cannot be said for the outside gardens where the spirits of the smugglers are still seen to roam.

    Many Famous artists have stayed and painted at the Lodge.  The light reported to be so perfect for drawing and painting on the Fairlight Hills. Holman Hunt was the teacher of one of the Martineau sons who became famous in his own right his picture is at the Tate and shows our window the view of our grounds  and fire place that still remains in our bar today . Other artists such as Millet, Monet and Lear were also guests at the Lodge.